Harahorn White lemon Gin

In this edition of Harahorn White Lemon we have traveled south from Norway and picked up many exciting citrus fruits. Harahorn as we know the original, is a gin that already has a clear citrus character, but with white lemon we wanted to cultivate this. The fresh citrus peels get company of more lemon and as a counterweight we have added more bitter substances.

Instead of juniper and quince root, which would be the classic way of doing it, we have chosen a bitter citrus, Pomerans. To cool the warm citrus feeling down, we have added Lemon verbena, green mint and peppermint.

Color: Clear.
Smell: Fresh nose of citrus, flowers, peppermint and licorice.
Taste: Fresh hints of citrus, mint, green cardamom, followed by waves of juniper, licorice, and fresh lemon. Long, cooling finish of against iris root and mint, with constantly persistent licorice and citrus.
Bottle Size: 500ml

To buy In Norway:  Vinmonopolet