Awards and rating

We all love to win. When you get a medal for something you have worked hard to achieve, it gives you a feeling of mastery. It could be from your first cross country skiing competition when you were 7 years old, a song competition in your teenage years, landing your first job, or any other kind of competition, big or small. Every victory will give you satisfaction and increased self-esteem.

Since we launched our Harahorn Small batch gin November 2015, we have received numerous awards for our premium gin. For us, this kind of recognition is important because it inspires us, and it means we can tell our customers that our gin is a high-quality product, among the best in the world.

The nine international awards we have won since then confirm that we are doing something right. They confirm that our passion for making the best gin from hand-picked, natural Norwegian ingredients and our unpretentious approach, makes our results out of the ordinary.
Cheers to us, we are all winners in our own ways!

N.B.: These competitions gather highly qualified judges from around the world. All tastings are blind. To find out more, see the links below.