Pink & Tonic

Pink & Tonic (build Wineglass) 4 cl Harahorn Pink Gin Fill up with ice Top of Tonic Garnish Raspberries, Lemon and Lemon balm/Melissa

Harahorn Tonic

Harahorn Tonic (build Highball)4 cl Harahorn Gin Top of Tonic (dry tonic is preferable) Garnish blueberries and grapefruit zes

Harahorn Pink side of life

Harahorn Pink side of life (build Boston) 4 cl Harahorn Pink Gin 8 cl Cranberry juice 2 cl Lime juice Fill up the glass with ice cubes/crushed ice is perfect Garnish Mint and lime. Top of Bitter Lemon or Ginger ale. To create a more dry drink, top of Soda water.

Harahorn GT

Harahorn GT (build Highball) 4 cl Harahorn Gin 2 cl Lemon or Lime Juice Top of Tonic Garnish Blueberries Feel free to add whatever you prefer, with herbs and botanicals.

Cask & tonic

Cask & tonic (build Highball) 4 cl Harahorn Cask Aged Gin Dash Angostura Top of Tonic Garnish Lime wheel

Jackalope Tonic

Jackalope Tonic (build Tumbler) 4 cl Harahorn Gin Slice of Grapefruit Dash of Peychaud bitters Top of Tonic