Harahorn Tonic

Harahorn Tonic (build Highball)4 cl Harahorn Gin Top of Tonic (dry tonic is preferable) Garnish blueberries and grapefruit zes

Harahorn GT

Harahorn GT (build Highball) 4 cl Harahorn Gin 2 cl Lemon or Lime Juice Top of Tonic Garnish Blueberries Feel free to add whatever you prefer, with herbs and botanicals.

Harahorn Blodappelsin

Harahorn Blodappelsin (build Highball) 4 cl Harahorn Gin Top of Tonic Garnish Lime and Pomegranate

Cask & tonic

Cask & tonic (build Highball) 4 cl Harahorn Cask Aged Gin Dash Angostura Top of Tonic Garnish Lime wheel

Appelsin Toddy

Appelsin Toddy 20 cl Fresh Orange Juice 1 Orange wheel 1 Star Anis 1 Cinnamon Bark 1 ts Honey Boil together, pour over into glass. 4 cl Harahorn Gin

Jackalope Tonic

Jackalope Tonic (build Tumbler) 4 cl Harahorn Gin Slice of Grapefruit Dash of Peychaud bitters Top of Tonic

The Ruby Diamond

The Ruby Diamond (shake Cocktail) 3 cl Harahorn Gin 3 cl Mezcal 1,5 cl Riviera 1,5 cl Lemon Juice 1 cl Orange Juice garnish Orange zest


Martinez (stir coupette) 3 cl Harahorn Gin 2 cl sweet Vermouth 0,5 cl Maraschino dash Angostura garnish Orange zest

White Negroni

White Negroni (stir Old Fashioned) 3 cl Harahorn Gin 1 cl Suze 3 cl Lillet Blanc Garnish Lemon zest