Harahorn Small Batch Gin

is a genuine craft gin made with love and care. We only produce 300 liters at a time – to retain total control of quality.
We use berries and herbs from the wilds of Norway and from our own botanical garden. Norwegian herbs and botanicals is among the world’s most flavorful due to the soil and geographical placement.
We always strive to use the best of what we can find of raw material to ensure gin-lovers and extraordinary experience by what is inside this bottle.

This is a potent gin, at 46% abv. Perfect for mixed drinks and cocktails.

Nose: Clean aroma, fine notes of juniper and citrus.

Taste: Fresh, clean flavors of juniper, fruit and spices.

Botanicals: Juniper berries, wild blueberries, rhubarb, seaweed, angelica root, wild marjoram and many more.

Bottle Size:
50ml Harahorn Gin | To buy in Norway
500ml Harahorn Gin | To buy in Norway
700ml Harahorn Gin | To buy in Norway
750ml (Asia, US, South America)
1000ml (Duty free)