Our Gins

Harahorn Gin

We only produce 400 litres at a time – so as to retain total control of quality. We use only berries and herbs from the wilds of Norway – among the world’s most flavoursome.

Harahorn Cask Aged

With a base of Norwegian botanicals, the spirit has seen a whole year ageing in Oloroso sherry casks, so there’s some oaky, fruity notes introduced to the flavour profile. The complex nature of the gin makes it a definite Negroni contender.

Harahorn Pink Gin

With a base of the original gin, raspberry extract and fresh lemon juice are added for a juicy, fruity flavour profile. If you have this with tonic, garnish with either raspberries or lemon to bring out the respective notes within the gin.

Harahorn White Lemon Gin

This gin has a citrus taste, with fresh mint, cardamom, juniper and liquorish as the main character. Another great product from Norway.