The Distillery

Det Norske Brenneri, formerly Puntervold / Agder Brenneri, produces spirits and stores its casks in Grimstad, southern Norway. Here, among other products, various aquavit brands and apple spirits have been produced since the Norwegian alcohol production monopoly was dissolved in 2005. We were the first private distillery in Norway after more than 80 years of monopoly. When it comes to the production of fortified wines, Grimstad has a history dating back to the 1880s, through the brand Fuhr. We now produce gin, aquavit, whisky, and other spirits.

Our products are hand-crafted following old traditions. At Det Norske Brenneri we are uncompromising. We are always in search of the best quality and we use the finest natural ingredients from Norwegian nature. Our products are multi-award-winning in some of the world’s most prestigious international spirits competitions.

Det Norske Brenneri was established in 2011. The two founders, Odd J. Nelvik and Stig Bareksten, wanted to create a new Aquavit in which cask-ageing would create a smoother and complex result.
And so, Arvesølvet Aquavit was born. In January 2014, Det Norske Brenneri merged with Puntervold AS and Agder Brenneri and continues their proud tradition started by Ole Puntervold.

Ole Puntervold is a pioneer of Norwegian spirits production. He received the very first production license in Norway following the easing of the distilling regulations. Ole Puntervold has a Master of Science in organic chemistry, specializing in biochemistry. It was his father who founded the business in 1952. Ole Puntervold’s watchword for his business was: Nil satis nisi optimum – only the best is good enough!

Meet the staff

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